Custom protection dogs

Repeat business is always the highest compliment. Many of our past buyers who currently own a Valor Protection Dog are now reaching out because they love their dog so much that they want a second one. We couldn’t be happier about this and want to make sure we’re able to provide buyers with exactly what…

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A testimonial from one of our protection dog buyers

This review says it all! We recently sold our Started Protection Dog “Tess” to a buyer here in Boise, Idaho. The buyer has had Tess for almost three months and left us this wonderful review awhile back. Here it is! “We are so glad we found Amy! Valor K9 has vastly exceeded all of our…

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Prey versus defense-based protection dogs

Recently, a buyer reached out and asked about Protection Dog Freya, our Czech female German Shepherd. He asked what level of IPO/IGP she is. I told him that she is not titled in IGP; she is trained in personal protection. Given that IGP seems to be the protection standard, he had some questions. So I…

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Can protection dogs also be service dogs?

If you ask people in the dog training and protection dog industry, “Can protection dogs also be service dogs?”, the answer will likely be “No.” Why? Because most industry professionals do not see how a dog can possibly perform both jobs. After all, protection dogs and service dogs have very different jobs, right? In one…

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Started Protection Dog Zion is SOLD

We are pleased to share that Started Protection Dog, Zion, has been sold! Zion is a 15-month-old German Shepherd Dog trained in obedience, protection and home manners. He is a versatile dog with a big personality! Zion was sold almost two months ago and is now living with a family in Colorado. Zion has a…

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Ava the German Shepherd is SOLD

I’m thrilled to share that Ava, our nine-month-old female German Shepherd, has been sold. We offered her up for Quick Sale on June 6th and she was sold on June 12th. Ava is going to be a little boy’s service dog. It’s been almost a week now, and Ava’s settling in beautifully. “Walter has Angelman…

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Meet Tess, our sable female German Shepherd Dog for sale

The best way to describe Tess is to say that she’s a Golden Retriever in a German Shepherd’s body. She is an absolute love and wants nothing more than to be with her people, to cuddle with her people, and to make her people happy. She’s the sweetest dog you’ll ever meet and is exceedingly…

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Protection K9 guarding front porch of home

Where are all the Malinois?

If you’ve followed Valor Protection Dogs from our start a year ago,  you might be asking yourself, “But where are all the Malinois?” You see, we intended to sell both German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois as Personal Protection Dogs to our clientele. With our high standards, we felt confident we’d find dogs that fit the…

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Protection Dog Rip’s health testing results

The results are in! We proudly health test all of our protection dogs for sale to ensure we are exceeding the industry standard and providing our buyers with a dog that is not only well-trained and capable but also healthy and physically sound. The following are the health testing results for protection dog in-training, Rip,…

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Protection Dog Zion’s health testing results

The results are in! We proudly health test all of our protection dogs for sale to ensure we are exceeding the industry standard and providing our buyers with a dog that is not only well-trained and capable but also healthy and physically sound. The following are the health testing results for protection dog in-training, Zion,…

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Protection Dog Freya’s health testing results

The results are in! We proudly health test all of our protection dogs for sale to ensure we are exceeding the industry standard and providing our buyers with a dog that is not only well-trained and capable but also healthy and physically sound. The following are the health testing results for protection dog in-training, Freya,…

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Health testing for our protection dogs

When it comes to Personal Protection Dogs, we strive to exceed industry standards. One way we do that is by extensively health testing our home-raised and professionally trained puppies and protection dogs prior to selling them, so that buyers can rest assured knowing they’re buying the most perfect protection dog possible, in every possible way-…

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Meet German Shepherd Protection Dog for sale “Rip”

Nothing like your average German Shepherd, Rip stands out like a wolf among sheep. His jet-black coat and tall frame have heads on a swivel. And he’s got a temperament that’s to die for. If you’re looking for a capable Family Protection Dog, look no further. Rip is everything you want and need.  We asked…

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Czech German Shepherd Dog history

Prior to the 1989 revolution in the Czech Republic, which led to the fall of their communist government, the breeding of German Shepherd Dogs was predominantly that of working dogs. All German Shepherds, including those with a Czech heritage, ultimately can be traced back to Germany. What is unique about the Czech German Shepherd breeding…

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Male vs Female Protection Dogs: 5 considerations

If you are looking to buy a Family Protection Dog and you’re undecided between getting a male or a female dog, this article is for you. We specialize in Czech German Shepherds and have experience training thousands of dogs in our pet training business, so we can confidently highlight five important considerations for you. Let’s…

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Exercising your German Shepherd protection dog

Daily physical and mental exercise are cornerstones in maintaining protection dog’s strength and endurance so that if the need arises he will be ready to perform their job to the best of his ability. Daily exercise is a great way to continue to build the bond between you and your protection dog as well as…

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Feeding our Czech German Shepherd puppies

We feed our Czech German Shepherds the best food available. “Understanding the power of food is essential to gaining better health and extending a healthy life for you and your dog. Food is one of the most potent and influential ways to build or destroy health in our companions; it can either heal them or…

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Different types of German Shepherds

The German Shepherd Dog (GSD) is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. But what many people don’t know is that there are show line and working line German Shepherds. A show line German Shepherd is bred for its looks and to compete in the show ring, whereas a working line German…

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Protection K9 that is good with children

FAQ about our Boise Idaho protection dogs

1. Is there any continued training after the dog is purchased? Yes, we offer annual Maintenance Training to sharpen our dogs’ obedience and protection skills. This allows our dogs to operate at their best day-in and day-out all year round. Training can take place at our location in Boise, Idaho, or at a location of…

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A protection dog is not a gun

Yesterday evening our neighbor stopped by to say hello. He absolutely loves our Family Protection German Shepherd Dogs and was inquiring into their training. As he was standing there – a man we know well, welcomed into our home, and were having a casual conversation with – he looked down at protection dog in-training Freya…

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malinois protection dogs boise

Why our protection dogs are expensive

I was recently asked, “What makes your protection dogs worth $70,000 and more?” We know what the industry has to offer and what our dogs are worth. Here’s why our Personal and Family Protection Guard Dogs are expensive: 1. Their pedigrees Our dogs have outstanding pedigrees, and they’re imported from overseas. We didn’t pick these…

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blog bonding with guard dog

Bonding with your new protection dog

One of the top questions we are asked is, “Will my new protection dog bond with me?” The quick answer is Yes. Dogs are social animals who enjoy the company of humans. Additionally, we specifically pick dogs who are exceptionally loyal by nature because they make the best personal and family protection dogs. To help…

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Requirements for our protection dog buyers

There are protection dog companies who take the first buyer or the highest bidder that comes along. Not us. One of the promises I made to myself before getting into this industry is that we would carefully select the best possible homes for our personal and family protection guard dogs. They may be status symbols…

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Well trained and alert protection dog laying down

5 traits we look for in protection puppies

Raising and training a puppy to be a personal or family protection home guard dog is a huge investment. We seek to only provide our clients with the best of the best. Thus, we are extremely selective when it comes to choosing breeders. And our selectiveness doesn’t stop there. With the breeder’s help, we handpick…

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Dog on training course performing commands

Training standards for our protection dogs

Growing up my mom always said, “Children should be seen and not heard.” I believe the same is true for a well-trained dog. Of course we love dogs with big personalities who are fun to be around and valued family members, but when it comes to training we want dogs to be reliably obedient and…

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Family protection dogs standing side by side

Investing in a protection dog

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”– Benjamin Franklin One of the top questions we get when it comes to our Valor Protection Dogs is, how much? I’m the daughter of a carpenter, and one of the things my dad always tells his customers is,“Good isn’t cheap,…

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Guard dog behaving with small child

The Valor Protection Dogs Standard

Our standards are the highest in the industry. We take our job of raising, training and providing top-level Personal Protection and Family Protection Dogs very seriously. We know that dogs of this caliber are hard to come by, and we invest heavily into them early on to ensure they will meet our criteria to pass…

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German Shepherd well trained in family protection

Why we started Valor Protection Dogs

Duke saved me It was August 2011 in North Carolina. I was in the military and stationed at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base. I had just gotten home from work, and I took the dogs out to the huge empty farm field down the street from my house. With me, I had my Australian Shepherd…

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Protection dogs trained for family

Buyer Beware

If you’re in the market for a Personal Protection or Family Protection Dog, beware. Things are not always what they seem. In the dog world, there are countless ways to cut corners and make a quick buck. I have seen and met dogs being sold for protection that I would never allow into my home…

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