Black Male German Shepherd
Born 25 March 2021
Imported from the Czech Republic
Predicted Adult Weight: 80-85 pounds

There’s handsome, and then there’s Rip. He is in a class of his own. With a big blocky head and strong chest, he looks like a wolf. This is a dog you won’t want to cross paths with if you have bad intentions. Rip is a fiercely loyal dog who loves his people. One of the sweetest-natured dogs we’ve met, he’s super affectionate with over-the-top confidence. He is absolutely going to excel in Personal Protection and Family Protection Dog training and we have no doubt he’ll be snatched up early. His old bloodlines trace back to some of the greatest dogs in the history of German Shepherds. He has the temperament, drives and conformation to blow you away, and his looks will have heads on a swivel. He is extremely gentle, loves kids, and he’s great with other dogs. We have high hopes for Rip and we know he won’t let us down. Named for the star of “Yellowstone” the show, we know Rip will be a strong, loyal and fearless defender for his family and loved ones. Rip is quickly shaping up to be a one-in-a-million dog. Reserve Rip today. He will be available after he completes his training in late 2022. Pricing will depend on training progression.

Click HERE for pedigree.

Health Testing

  • Embark DNA Panel: CLEAR (against genetic diseases)
  • Coat: A/A GG
  • DM: CLEAR (N/N)
  • Hips: PENNHIP .28 (TOP 90%)

Rip will come with the following specialty training, skills and commands

  • Advanced On and Off Leash Obedience Training

  • Impeccable Manners at Home and in Public

  • Complete Protection Training

  • Scenario Training for Real-Life Situations

Watch me grow:

Rip and Emma, 9 Wks Old

Freya, Rip and Zion, 9 Wks Old

Playing at the Water Park, 15 Wks Old

Playing in the Sandbox, 15 Wks Old

Best friends Rip and Zion playing, 16 Wks Old

VPD K9’s Freya, Zion and Rip, 17 Wks Old

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