Valor Protection Dogs provides Elite, Highly Trained and Home-Raised Personal Protection and Family Protection Dogs for people wanting or needing an added layer of security for their Home and Family. Located in Boise, Idaho and serving clients worldwide. We provide Imported German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois from top European bloodlines.

Providing Elite, Home-Raised Family Guard Dogs

Our Personal Protection and Family Protection Dogs are being raised for individuals and families who seek to improve their overall home security. Our home guard dogs fulfill dual roles: they are trusted family pets and highly trained protection dogs. They are trained to deal with security threats should their owner, home or family become threatened. Our dogs are well trained to prepare with everyday threats and real life conflict to confidently defend their owners, families and property.

Superior Dogs With Superior Training

Our trainers have 35 years of combined experience training dogs. We started this company when we saw other companies cutting corners, and knew we had the passion and ability to do it and do it right. We started by importing puppies from Europe from superior bloodlines. And now we are home raising and training the puppies to a standard that far surpasses that of which you’ll find in the protection dog industry. We’re investing 100’s of hours into each dog to ensure that we are raising dogs who are strong, social, capable and courageous.


Imported from the Czech Republic from top bloodlines, our home-raised German Shepherd and Belgian Malinois dogs are in training to become a Personal Protection and Family Protection Dog. By the time they are sold, they will have seen it all and done it all and will be prepared for anything. Our dogs are lovable family pets and loyal protectors. They are wonderful with children, house guests and other pets. They are social, adaptable and extremely obedient companions. And they will not hesitate to protect their loved ones with their life. 

Dept of Justice Crime Statistics

  • 2,000 Children reported missing every day.

  • 16% are taken from their own home or yard.

  • 70% of assaults occur in the victim’s home.

  • Over 3 million burglaries experienced in U.S. households annually.

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