Dahlia z Jirkova dvora aka VPD-K9 "Freya"

Valor Haus German Shepherds

We are a privately owned and operated German Shepherd breeder in the beautiful Pacific Northwest located in the foothills of Boise, Idaho.

In our program, we focus on producing beautiful and healthy dogs who are structurally sound and have excellent temperaments. Our breeding stock consists of the bloodlines of precious old working foundation lines from the countries of Germany, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia. Our dogs are descendants of the most influential and highly sought after bloodlines and their pedigrees are stacked with national champions, police K9s, and working dogs.

We take great care to ensure our German Shepherds are free of Hip and Elbow Dysplasia, Clear for All Genetic Diseases, and DM Clear. Our puppies come with a Two Year Health Guarantee.

Elbrus z Jirkova dvora aka VPD-K9 "Rip"

“A” Litter vom Valor Haus

After a decade of studying bloodlines and training thousands of dogs, you know special dogs when you see them. And in this case, raise them. We have two very special dogs in our Protection Program: VPD-K9 “Rip” and VPD-K9 “Freya.” We are planning our first breeding of these two exceptional German Shepherds for the summer of 2023.

We expect stock coat sables with moderate to high drives, great off switches, super temperaments and high trainability. Puppies will be suitable for a variety of venues to include Law Enforcement, Sport Work, Service Work, and Family Protection.

Puppies will be raised in a family home environment with Early Neurological Stimulation and started on crate training and potty training. Started puppy training is available for an additional fee.

Pricing varies by quality of puppy. Pricing on average is $4500 to $6500.

To view Freya’s page, click here: Protection Dog Freya

To view Rip’s page, click here: Protection Dog Rip

black german shepherd puppy
Female dog for sale being held by trainer

If you would like to be put on our waiting list for one of our German Shepherd puppies, please email valorprotectiondogs@gmail.com and tell us a little about your home and family and why you are looking to purchase a German Shepherd. We are selective about where our puppies go. Our goal is to ensure that each puppy is placed in a loving home where it is well cared-for and utilized to the utmost.