Standards Of Our protection Dogs

Located in Boise Idaho, Valor Protection Dogs® is The Only Company Worldwide providing Imported, Home Raised, Professionally Trained, Health Tested and Guaranteed Family Protection Dogs. Our Protection Dogs are The Best of The Best.

In everything we do, our standard exceeds our competition. We don’t take shortcuts. We know what the protection dog industry is like and what it offers, and we are raising the bar. We provide buyers with trained guard dogs who are SAFE, CAPABLE and OBEDIENT. As we raise and train our current selection of dogs for sale, we hold them to the highest standards. If they don’t make the cut, they’re done. There are no exceptions to excellence.


Valor Protection Dogs is a family-owned business, started by husband and wife team Justin and Amy Pishner in 2021.

Amy Pishner has over 10 years experience training and has trained thousands of dogs. She discovered her love for training as a young girl in Wisconsin. Justin and Amy met in North Carolina while serving in the military. Amy is triple certified as a Professional Dog Trainer to include being a Dual Purpose Certified Handler and Trainer for Military and Police Dogs. She has trained thousands of dogs since becoming a full-time trainer and business owner for Valor K9 Academy dog training which has three locations nationwide and 15 team members. Justin is a former SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape) Instructor for the military and has worked with numerous Special Operations K9 teams both stateside and abroad. The two are dedicated to quality and excellence in training.

Puppy Raisers and Trainers

Each Family Protection Dog is home raised and trained by a Certified Professional Dog Trainer.

Amy Pishner and Samantha Lee (pictured) are Certified Professional Dog Trainers and Puppy Raisers for Valor Protection Dogs. They have 24 years of combined experience training dogs of all breeds and needs including personal protection dogs, military and police dogs, sport dogs and service dogs.  These trainers are investing hundreds of hours into each puppy’s imprinting, life experiences and obedience training.  Each puppy is part of the pack and is being raised with utmost care.  Samantha is a full-time professional dog trainer for Valor K9 Academy in Boise, Idaho.

Valor Protection Dogs specializes in Elite, Highly Trained and Home-Raised Personal Protection Dogs for people wanting or needing an added layer of security for their Home and Family.

We love the idea that our trained guard dogs could save someone’s life someday. Four-legged security that provides that kind of peace of mind is priceless. We work hard to select puppies from Top European Bloodlines, and we import the puppies to the United States where we pick them up and begin training on day one. Our puppies are home-raised and trained by professional dog trainers to create exactly the vision we have for our Family Protection Dogs. Starting at nine weeks of age, our dogs are raised on our 67-acre ranch in the Boise foothills and receive 100s of hours of training in obedience, manners and protection in order to meet our minimum standards. They are then custom trained to meet the exact needs of their new owners.

Our dogs are our passion and our legacy. We care deeply about each protection dog and about creating a trained guard dog who is perfectly suited for your wants and needs.

1. Our dogs are safe
Gentle around people including kids of all ages and well socialized with dogs, cats and other animals. Our protection dogs for sale are completely safe and trustworthy. No exceptions.

2. Our dogs are capable
We start developing our puppies’ protection skills at an early age to teach them to be fearless, courageous and capable. As they get older, we show them a myriad of possible real-life scenarios such as armed robbery, car jacking and child abduction to show them exactly how to respond.

3. Our dogs are obedient
Our protection dogs receive the highest level of obedience and manners training. They are responsive to commands both on and off leash, and they are fully under your verbal control while guarding you, your home and your family.

Protection dog performing obstacle training

Our Training Philosophy

We start by building a solid foundation with our puppies. This includes socialization and exposure to people, places, sights, sounds, surfaces and animals using positive reinforcement. During the foundation phase, we teach basic commands and behaviors to our puppies, using a reward-based, relationship-based training system. At 12 months of age, we add a training collar and begin proofing their training around distractions for bombproof obedience both on and off leash. When the puppies are ready for it, we begin defense-based protection work that’s based on the dog’s natural instinct to protect. We also trade puppies amongst each other as professional trainers so that our puppies experience multiple home situations and real-life events to prepare them for their forever families. Once dogs reach a year of age, we increase expectations and execute a variety of protection training scenarios to include hidden sleeve, muzzle fighting, carjacking, child abduction and home invasion training. Our training process takes between 18-24 months depending on the dog’s maturity and skill progression. Close to a thousand hours are invested into each dog’s upbringing and training to ensure it develops properly and performs above and beyond our expectations.

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We will travel to any location to deliver our dogs.

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